Frequently asked questions

01 Will there be any benefits for individuals?

Yes, individuals benefit from four advantages:

  • A 2% discount compared to the price paid by institutional investors
  • One free share for every ten shares purchased and held for 18 months(1)(2)
  • An order allocated on a priority basis up to a limit of €5,000
  • The possibility of registering your shares in a “PEA” with the tax benefits attached to it, and a more flexible operation under the Pacte law

[1] Benefit reserved for natural persons. [2] Delivery of one additional share for every ten shares purchased and held for 18 months, calculated within the limit of the ceiling of priority orders (EUR 5,000).

02 Who can buy shares in La Française des Jeux?

Any natural person of French nationality or resident in France or a national of a Member Country of the European Economic Area (EEA), as well as any French legal person or EEA citizen not part of the institutional placement and holding an account opened with an authorised intermediary in France. For further information please contact your financial intermediary.


The offer period opened on 7 November and will run until 19 November. You may cancel your order until the close of the offer period. After that, orders maintained during the purchase period will be irrevocable (subject to certain cases of modification of the indicative price range or if the definitive price is set outside that range).

04 How can I buy FDJ shares?

To place your purchase order, contact your usual financial intermediary (bank, credit institution, online broker or brokerage firm). We draw your attention to the need to hold a securities account or an Equity Savings Plan (Plan d’épargne en actions – PEA) in order to place a purchase order.

People wishing to take part in the OPO must file their orders with an authorised financial intermediary in France no later than 19 November 2019 at 5:00 p.m. (Paris time) for orders placed in person and 8:00 p.m. (Paris time) for online orders, if their financial intermediary offers this possibility.

Purchase orders placed as part of the OPO may be cancelled. It is up to investors to contact their financial intermediary for information about the conditions of cancellation of their order.

05 How will the price of an FDJ® share be set?

The indicative price range is €16.50 - €19.90. The offer will be made on the basis of an indicative price range. The final price will be set after the closing of the offer, by comparing supply and demand, as part of the placement with institutional investors. It will be the subject of a press release issued at the end of the offer. The indicative price range could possibly be adjusted and the final price set outside the announced range. In that case, the offer period could be modified.

06 How big is the French gaming market?

The French gaming market represents roughly €10 billion in terms of gross gaming revenue (stakes less winnings). FDJ is a leading operator in the gaming sector in France, with gross gaming revenue of €5.1 billion in 2018, representing market share of more than 50%.

07 How are stakes redistributed?

In 2018, stakes amounted to €15.8 billion. FDJ returned €10.7 billion to its players as winnings (68% of stakes), contributed €3.5 billion to the public finances, remunerated its network of distributors in the amount of €785 million, and redistributed €160 million in favour of sport, heritage restoration and action by its Corporate Foundation.

08 What impact will privatisation have on addiction prevention, the protection of minors and the fight against money laundering and fraud?

Privatisation will come with the implementation of a new regulatory framework reinforcing the exclusive rights entrusted to the company and providing for the creation of a single regulatory authority, l’Autorité nationale des jeux (ANJ), notably with a view to strengthening mechanisms in place for the prevention of addictions, the protection of minors and the fight against money laundering and fraud.

FDJ has developed a Responsible Gambling policy that goes beyond its legal obligations through a consistent prevention plan dedicated to the fight against underage and excessive gambling. The social and environmental rating agency Vigeo Eiris awarded FDJ first place in its ranking in terms of Responsible Gambling in Europe in the gambling sector, far ahead of other operators.

09 Is it possible to manage gaming activities without being a public-sector group?

FDJ is currently the only public-sector operator in the gaming sector in France, where the other players are all in the private sector.
Internationally, several operators are even listed, and the major European lotteries are private.